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Any Makeblock kit owners?

I'm really interested in the Makeblock kits that exist right now (as opposed to the in-development electronics), but it seems like no one on the internet actually owns one.  Does anyone here have one and could make a detailed blog review with closeup pictures or any more information at all beyond all the marketing stuff that I've already found plenty of?  The threaded slots seem like the most unusual parts, do they work well?  Are the parts well-made, fit together well, and so on- anything would be appreciated.  

I may just buy one and do the documentation myself, but the $60 or $200 is harder to justify.

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This thread can help you out.

So you enjoyed Makeblock products, did you? Contact me if you need more info about Makeblock!

We got two Makeblock sample kits in our hackersace. Myself was just playing with it and I must say it's a charm. All the parts are very precise and fit together very nice. The material is hard and it might break when bend too much but we did not try this. The wheels and tires are fitting well and the toothed belt transmision is state of the art.

I'm doing Makerbeam not Makeblock.


I believe http://letsmakerobots.com/node/35860 is a bit of what you are looking for.