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Puppet Bob

Silly movements

This is Puppet Bob, a silly internet controlled biped robot based on BoB v1 by K120189.

I printed the orginal legs and feet files from BoB v1 at Artica, but cutted an custom PVC piece with the servos closer. The head was an half sized prototype of my Ping Pong Balls cannon.

How the main board is not on the robot, I used servo expasion cables which made it look like a marionette, hence the name.


You can control it live here:



I still need to find a way to minimize the falls so that he can be always on...


UPDATE: Just finished installing it at home. Added a servo to lift it in case he falls down, so now it should be able to be more time online. Click on the link above and try it for yourself :D

Here are some pictures:


The lift mechanism:

The main board:

The mess:



Have fun!


PS: Thanks NilsB for the eyes :-)

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Awesome \o/

I've been pulling Bob's strings... I'm the Master of Puppets \o/ :)

BTW, how is concurrent commands handled? are they queued up for execution?

EDIT: Bob is down, Bob is down! (it wasn't me, I was busy writing the comment while it happened :P for real actually :P)

When you click on a button the message gets stored here: http://livebots.cc/Robot/Message/23.html

Then we have a python script checks what is there every half a second and if it is different from the last one it sends it to the robot trough serial. You can have a look at the python code here: https://bitbucket.org/XicoMBD/livebots/src


Don't worry, it is up again :D

Nice work, fun and friendly robot. Love the googly eyes, they're a nice touch.

This is cool! But the camera can be a bit laggy at times. but still! COOL!