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LMR IV Update

I was pestering FritsL the other night with my curiosity about LMR IV.  (Not that there's anything wrong with the way things are-after all, Kariloy is back in the Shout Box after a week off and people are requesting code there again.  All the robot elders make regular appearances and new content is added daily, and we have, as always, knowledgeable and exciting new members in and out.)  Still, change it is a coming.  Eventually.  In any case, this is a snippet of FritsL's explanation of what's going on:


"We have (a life) and we have expanded with a network for robots, and have just launched a German version of LMR. And then we had to transport the site to the Amazon server it is on now, and that gave a lot more challenges than expected. I hope the site is running well now. And the "life"-part keeps sneaking in on us.

So, basically we are behind schedule, sorry. And we have not spend time on informing well.
Status is that v4 is somewhat working, but the devil is in the details, and there are a LOT of them.
You are very welcome to help us, by passing this update around where ever you find appropriate."
The site as it stands seems to be over the hiccups and lags we were having, so all seems to be well.  As far as changes go, it's my understanding that everyone's content and robots will be maintained in the transition, but when the new site goes up we'll all get new user ID numbers.  I'm not sure if that means you'll have to go through and "collect" all your old friends again, but if you do, so what?  I'm guessing 60% of the people I've collected were only around for a month or so.  The true believers will still be here.
In the meantime, consider donating a few bucks to the cause.



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I think the biggest irritation was the Shout Box delays we were getting.

Frits: Take your time. I am patient.

[ If any of you had met my ex-wife, you would understand just HOW patient I really can be... ha ha. ]

I am happy that we have LMR V3 running smoothly. As long as LMR V4 is not fully operational we should wait. Important ist that we share our stuff and new members coming and staying. A website with a lot of problems will soon get annoying especially when you are new in robotics and need help. If the website does not perform well and that heklp will not come or comes later they will leave and seek for other sources.

Let's fill this website with content and wait for Hugo and Frits finishing LMR V4 without bugs, even if it takes longer than expected :-)

I wonder if Bill Gates accepted "I've got a life" as an excuse every time Windows was behind schedule?