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Arctic Robot Saga

Hello Lmr,


I am starting in the next few weeks a snowmobile robot to play and experiment outside here. I have baught at the local store a broken skidoo rc toy and I am now trying to troubleshoot it. I have added a negative pole terminal to the battery pack for the vehicle there was none existing when I got it. The remote controll seems fine I checked the circuit and everything looks good. This vehicle has two motors one for the skis direction and another for the track power. The first one works fine but I have no idea whats wrong with the one powering the track. The problem is not coming from the remote since when I send a command to go back there is the small back up light going on(unfortunatly the motor for the track is not following). I took a few pictures to help visualise the whole thing. I have also tested the faulty motor directly without passing by the circuit and it works fine.




closer view

I have corrected my image insertions. The faulty motor is the one with inductors on it.(white and blue wires)


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If you would have clicked on the icon that looks like a tree in the bar above the editor window, you could have added the images right to your post with good links. The [IMG] tag does nothing for drupal. The only image I was able to see was of the toy opened shot from the front.

that you look at the h-bridge that drives the drive motor. You have already stated that the motor functions. You really just need to follow the signal from the remote to the receiver, and, then to/through the h-bridge. I can imagine one of the transistors/FETs have gone South on you. But, I am really just guessing.

PS Thanks for including the images.