Let's Make Robots!

Butter Tub Billy

Okay you got me, its not a robot, well not yet its not, more of a butter tub trying to catch a break into the electronic world.

The body of Billy is a stock standard butter tub, the thing that you buy butter in. I saved the butter tub from being put in the recycling bin to instead do my own kind of recycling. That was Saturday night, and he was finished Sunday afternoon, with a cut or two from a Stanley knife on my finger it came through.

You could call this a weekend project if you will.

Billy at the moment consists of an Arduino Uno, Adafruit's motor shield, a AM receiver, 4.8V rechargeable battery pack for the motors, 9V battery for the Arduino and two DC motors with gearboxes.

Some simple code was written to read the values coming from the remote control and convert it into some usable values, which the Arduino then uses to move Billy around.

Billy is craving for more power for the motors but I can't complete the request as room is very minimal, that being said the butter tub is, what I think to be, a great size for robots. If the Uno was replaced with a Nano and Chris's epic undershield this could allow a bigger battery and some room for a HC-SR04.

There is not much to say about Billy at the moment, but I made a video of it to show you how everything is placed.

And here is some pictures:

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I've thought about using an RC controller but no clue how to implement.

My thoughts were not so much as RC but maybe as remote input for mode selections, actions, other input, etc.

Good job for one of those "why not make a robot out of that" moments... I DO understand those.



I can give you the code if you want, its sloppy, but its usable. I made use of the PulseIn function on Arduino to measure the signals being received through the analog in and then just converted those numbers to something 'more' usable.

The looks reminds me of Grey Walter's tortoises.

I just googled that and watched a YouTube video of those tortoises, they are amazing! Truly the work of a genius, and Billy does have a striking resemblence. ;)

I like the use of these daily materials. That way people can really see that robotics has nothing to do with a master degree or rocket science :-)

Unless you turn a ketchup bottle into a rocket, then its rocket science!

We guys take anything and do everything,right? Thumbs up.!!

Everything has potential Dip, doesn't matter what it looks like, it can do something!

cent percent right !!!!!!