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Rocket Brand Studios 48 hour thing... Links now available

Hey guys, 

Rocket Brand Studios will be participating in Deconstruction 2013. (woo hoo!)

Starting Friday afternoon (2.22.13), I will start building...   ...something. 48 hours later I will be dead --or-- have something really cool built. --And it is all going to be live streamed!


You will be able to watch everything on the front page at

Rocket Brand Studios



Links and Info:
The whole 48 hours will be live streamed via UStream. 
I will have an eye on chat boxes etc. and respond when I can whilst I work.
I will be stopping and answering questions properly on the top of each hour.
I will be recording a stand-alone YouTube video on every 4th hour.
I may do a few G+ hangouts on top of the ustream so I can hear questions directly. (TBA)
Please keep me company via the uStream Chat
I will check @'s and DM's on a regular basis
The Let's Make Robots shout box will always be watched.


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I'll watch :)

You are gonna need Red Bull on tap! I can't help but ponder the thought that went into their pages graphic. Looks to me like when the turbine starts the whole contraption will rotate counter-clockwise 90 degrees. A hidden joke? I'll watch too ;)

Update 2.21.13

Links added.