Let's Make Robots!


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This was the first robot that I worked in 2007.

Was designed an autonomous vehicle comprising a microprocessor 89C52, a GPS module and a GSM module.
We developed a control system for a mobile platform alert targets tracked by GPS.
The principle of operation of the system passes through a movable platform that communicates with the vehicle by sending SMS destination coordinates.
The vehicle via a GSM protocol received the coordinates, calculated its position through a GPS module built and moved to the final position received by sms.

Tests were performed for the development of this project which can be seen in the videos that were posted.

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Is it an option to write a LITTLE text? Thanks :)

Sorry, I'm in work, but I posted a little text about this robot.
I hope everyone likes

Good work Portugal

Bom Trabalho Portugal

Good work Portugal

Bom Trabalho Portugal

I just wanted to point out that the video title "Smartbot - testes" has a whole different meaning in the US. :P

Seriously though this is a really nice project. I am curious to see if it can perform on-the-fly obstacle avoidance at these speeds.

This was a old university project. it wasn't necessary for the propose that the robot avoidance obstacles. sorry.
If its necessary, maybe need to slow down the velocity of the robot

Portgal rules :)