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Finally posted something...
But yeah:

This is my 6th robot, and it is my version of SHR!
It runs on Picaxe 14M, and uses 2 modified micro servos to move.
I had problems with the wheels, and I decided to make my own.
They are NOT perfect, but they do work.
It has got a Sharp IR sensor and later I will add a LDR and make a sumo front plate.
But, all the pictures are in the demonstration video!

Hope you like it!
(Yes, it is glittering hot glue there :P)

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I absolutely love the personality you get when you make stuff up. 

This robot, just like his wheels, is not perfect but he does have flavor. Really nice work. He seems a little wobbly, even maybe clumsy but he does what he's meant to do and he does it with flair.

I, myself, always add a switch to my robots. Not only is it easier to manipulate than putting the batteries in and taking them out but I believe we should all do that to prevent the robotic uprising that may very well happen.

The Terminator movies would have been a little less dramatic if these robots had simple, easy to reach switches. Just saying...

As a kid, I got a lot of tools for my age!
And I'm going to make a wheel cutter or so, and this is a little bit in progress.

And I don't usually buy ready kits and like so, I like building them myself! 

Do you have 5 liters water bottles around there? because if you do (and they are like the ones here) their bottle caps would be probably good candidates for wheels :)

Have to check up those bottles!