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Proposal to set YOUR robot in the spotlight


Hi robot builders, here is a proposal to set YOUR robot in the spotlight.

We are David (Foreman & founder of Xinchejian) and Lumi who are into making robots as well as shooting photos. We are launching www.missopenhardware.com to combine the two hobbies and help to promote robot making in sexy and fun way. We'd like to work with all the robot makers out there to include YOUR open source robots in the pictures.

Our proposal is the following: 
You send us your robot by any shipping method you want directly to Shanghai. We schedule a shooting with any available model together with your robot. You get some of the post-processed pictures for your own use in a printable quality. We keep the other pictures for our own use. Both set's of pictures contains different pictures so on our page published pictures are not the same as you will get.

After the shooting are two possible ways for your robot to go:
1. The robot stays in Shanghai and will turn into a part of the community property of XinCheJian Hackerspace Shanghai (if you wish with your name/website/etc. on it) to be used to educate kids, robot beginners and/or running projects where your robot could be involved.
2. We will send your robot back via DHL but you have to pay the shipping (right now we do not have sponsors for that project. In the future it might be possible to ship the robot back for free but that's not a promise)

Who can send robots?
Everybody can send their robot.
If you send your robot from your own shop and if you want to use the pictures for promotion of your business we want a link to www.missopenhardware.com on your website or at whatever medium you publish that pictures (website/catalog/real shop). 
Your robot built in your home lab without commercial character does not need a link but we would be happy when you give us some credits in a way you think it's ok.

What pictures will you get?
You will get a preview with all the photos we shoot and you can pick any 6 photos you like and we will provide both original and post processed for you to use in all purposes. 
We will not shoot nudity with your robots. All photos will be along the glamour styles of T3, FHM or Maxim with casual, lingerie and bikini.
Sample photos:


After questions about the costs here some clarification.

This proposal does NOT create costs for you except the shipping costs and in case you don't want to have your robot shipped back then you will not get refunded for that.

You will get all these 6 pictures (each the original and the post-processed version) for FREE and you can do whatever you want with it. Just feel free to give us some credits if you publish them anywhere.

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Hmm i remember two! the two bracelets :P

but this seems like a cool project ;)

Update 2013/03/27:

We would like to play mind game. Please see the following picture and count to 10.

Then turn around, move away from the screen and tell us how many 3D printed objects you can remember. Yes, there are some in the picture...trust me :-)

Here comes the picture:

Yiy and the 3D printed goods

Please comment your number :-)

This is awesome Lumi!

Models + Robots = flipping awesome.

I'm in... I am building a bunch of kits of my herbie bristlebot for a robot program at the library. I'll send you one of the prototypes, and you can keep it for the Xinchejian Hackerspace Shanghi.

Cool, I like Herbie!

Well, when you are ready and you need the adress then please send me your email via the contact form in my profile page.

Don't worry, any time is fine, since we are planning to do this kind of shooting more regulary :-)


For what it would cost to ship a medium-sized robot to China and back by DHL, you can hire your own professional photographer and model and have it shot here without the worry of loss or damage. Sorry, but just doesn't sound like a good idea to me.

I understand but I guess for just little robots it would pay out. Considering to donate your robot to our hackerspace would cost only the half of the shipping :-)

I doubt that you can get a pro photographer AND model for that price.

You ought to make a calendar of the resulting images through Cafe Press or something. Capitalize on it and give any proceeds to the hacker space or LMR or another educational group! Maybe print a stock run for Maker Faires and Campus Party. (Just remember you'd have an international appeal, so the regular American trope of bikinis and beaches in July and anoraks with a thong in December may not make sense to guys in Brisbane or Cape Horn!)

Good idea which we will consider if the photos are getting good enough :-)