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Tic Tac MAGneToe

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This is Tic Tac MAGneToe, As the name suggests it uses an electromagnet to move the game pieces, both for you and itself.

NOTE: It does drop pieces which I'm hoping to fix :-(

It has 3 buttons and 2 LED's to indicate if you are selecting Coloum or Row.

The 3 servo's provide a delta positioning system.

Some enamel coated copper wire wrapped around 1/2 an iron nail connected to a relay and 1.5v battery produces the magnet.

And Yes it consumes that AA way to fast.

The Magnet's coils two wires each go to a seperate upright and I attached a dupe wire to help stop a little of the interference they cause, this combined with the cardboard fin's gives much great repeat control.


The X's and O's have a small washer taped to the back of them for some metal \m/ attraction.

To obtain all the servo positions I attached 3 extra buttons so I could control each servo and printed the position to the serial monitor.


At the moment the program is simple:

You go first, the Arduino will then, A) check if it can win B) Block you or C) place randomly.

If the game end's, it'll (try) to replace all the game piece's to start over.


What else I'd like to include:

Difficultly Levels with some simple strategy.

Some scoring LED's

And a 2 Player option.

Then of course fit it all inside the box it's built on :-) and add loads more hot glue for any possible reason!


And Lastly Issue's!

IT NEEDS MORE POWER :-) The Battery looses the will to live very fast and so the magnet sometimes doesn't pick up the pieces. A D cell might help a little, but I have none on hand.

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I really like this bot. To lower the power used, you could put magnets in all your game pieces. then you could pick them up without using any power. To drop the piece, you just pulse the electromagnet to repel it. Shouldn't take much cause you don't want to shoot it off the board. :P You would have to observe polarity when making your pieces (have all Norths facing up or vise-versa, depends on the wiring of your gripper) and they would have to be kept from sticking to each other as well, but something to think about. Neodymiun magnets are quite common now, and you could just pop it into the middle of the washer. Nice job on the programming too.

Nice job.  Very clever the piano wire or whatever you used to keep the electro magnet mechanism floating and then just two servos to position.