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An autonomous robot exploring the environment and avoiding obstacles

This is a little robot with a pan/tilt radar head. I built this robot for my nephew and niece to play with. The aim is to enable the robot to explore the environment autonomously without colliding with objects.


The robot chasis is from an old line-track robot kit that I just used it as upside-down.

The pan/tilt mechanics are puchased and two micro servo motor are used to have 2 degrees of freedom on the head.

The radar is based on SRF02 ultrasonic range finder for detecting obstacles further than 25cm and a homebuild IR compound obstacle detector for close range detection.

IR compound

The electronic is based on ATmega8 microcontroller. The circuit and the PCB are custom designed.

Electronic board

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how do you made that sensoric head? could you give the schematics?