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School project


first off all, sorry for my bad english!

for school i have to make a project:

i have to make a trolley that automatic follows me and where you can put a rectangular container of beer.

It has to go far (10km) with one battery life!

i was wondering where i can find some materials and especially what kind. And i'm also not that good of a programmar.

I hope you can help me!


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sombody who want to help me trough skype or something like that?

I would like help in English my french is even wors ;p

to be completely honest with you, i don't like this project, we only learned to pragram in visual basic, and 2 lessons microcontroller so i have nooo idea how i should program that kind of thing. In electric en mechanics therms i do have a idea but how to program it i really don't even know how to start... 


My suggestion is to start by, what I call "the physicals"

- What is the physicals of the load ?  weight, size

- What type of terrain it is ?  grass, road, dirt, rocks, up or down, distance

- What environmental it is ? potential obstacles, night, day, sunny, rainy ...

- What features I can use ? Autonomous, remote control, wireless or not, recording (date or video/audio) the progression


After that, you can thinking about "the mechanics" related with each physicals, in example :

My terrain is in forrest, the ground is leafs and wet dirt, the potemtials obstacles are dead branch and trees, grass, ...

My traction system can be tracks because is more stable on harsh terrain, less surface pressure on wet ground and can climp or bend some small obstacles, ...


Then you can "engeeniring"

What energy I will use for dynamic ? electrical, thermal, hydraulical, ...

where stock the energy ?

my energy choose my engine

my engine choose my energy stock size




it has to automatich follow you, and the hardest terrain are some cobbles and smal thresholds...

and the load is about 12 kg... 

There are multiple links to this project but they mostly empty out into a long video, so I'll just encourage you to look up the search terms "Ben Heck Robot Luggage" in your search engine of choice and pick through whichever links interest you the most.

Sorry to editorialize and criticize your teachers here, but looking at your assignment, I'm struck by the fact that maybe engineering classes have become parodies of themselves. Your task is to create a complex electromechanical device that does a very simple job which could most easily and probably effectively be achieved by tieing a small wagon to your waist via a string. It may teach the skills of electronics, mechatronics and programming if successful, but I don't think it teaches a good basis for the foundations of engineering: those being necessity, simplicity and immediacy (not to mention that good engineering usually gives rise to elegance-this kind of teaches the opposite of that.) By analogy, it would be a little like designing a heat gun that attached to your belt via a robotic arm and sensed when various portions of your head fell below a certain temperature then aimed the output of the heat gun at the cold spots during cold weather-when you could just put on a hat.

Its not as bad as Tic Tac Toe robot !!!

Point taken, but at the same time, games are an important cultural and economic inevitablitly.  It might just be simpler and quicker to play naughts and crosses with your little brother than to build a robot to do it, but I do see a difference between a project which aims to engineer a solution to a simple task that another human would do and a project that seeks to undersimplify a readily extant tool (toy!)  Also, OddBot's challenge is nearly half about the aritstry that goes into the creation/appearance/effectiveness of the project.  The follow-me-trolley almost by fiat (10Km?) will exclude any aesthetic sensibility.

Do you want help in English or in French ?


Sure, you are in Belgium, your school project involve Beer, LOL