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FIRST Ultimate Accent robot



I am posting this on behalf of FIRST team 4611.  We're done, and you can see the challenge and the robot above.  The contest will be over spring break.  It can't climb, but it shoots reliably, and as a first year team we are thrilled. 


We won the All Star Rookie and Highest Seed Rookie awards!!  


Unfortunately, we had trouble loading the frisbees in the first few matches.  We made a new loading ramp mid-competition that worked well, but our ranking was still low and we didn't get into the finals. 


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Well done. Wishing you well at your first regional. Cincinnati?

yep, cincinnati 

Good luck in your regional(s).  Hope to see you in St. Louis!

From 3545 to 4611. Hope to see you in St. Louis at Finals

3865 mentor here. Hoping to do well at Boilermaker regional. March 14thru 16th.

Thanks for the good wishes, Good luck to you guys as well!

What regional you guys going to and Good Luck 

Congrats. Well, not the first price but everybody has to start somewhere and you guys did a great job.

It it just me or were all the frisbees chewed up.

all the bots had wheels spinning at high rpm to launch the frisbees, so by the end if it they were pretty srcatched and melted