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etchant tank for under $30 (US)

agitates and shortens the pcb etching process
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this is a vertical etchant tank made for under $30!! all i used was a plastic container ($1), a fish tank airpump ($13), hydrogen peroxide ($0.89 ea, used 3.), muiratic acid ($3.50). i cut a small slit in the container lid for the air hose.i my air supply in the tank then mixed my etchant. for my etchant i use 2 parts hydrogen peroxide to 1 part muriatic acid. plug the air pump in and add your pcb to be etched in the tank. i used a string to hang mine in the tank. the LMR sign in the picture is 4"x2.5" double side clad borde and it only took about 4 minutes to fully etch. the bubles agitate and also help recharge the solution. DONT FORGET TO WHERE GLOVES AND GOGGLES WHEN HANDLING ETCHANT!!!! HIGHLY TOXIC!!!! UPDATE: i put the air pump on top the tank because of gravity issues. it was sucking a little acid into the pump when it was off. the problem i gone now that the pump i higher than the liquid

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Very cool.  I recently started using the peroxide and muriatic acid myself.  Much prettier than the ferric chloride.  The first board I did etched in a few minutes, but subsequent boards have been much slower.  I have an aquarium pump that I use, but unless the bubbles are rising directly over the board it is taking hours to etch even a small board.  I used a 2 to 1 ratio like you so I am not sure if it is the mixture, the particular type of muriatic acid (it says "safer" muriatic acid on the label) I used or what that is causing the issue.  Maybe I'll ask a question on the forums and see if anyone has any suggestions.  Anyway, good job.  Looks like you have a great setup there.