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Android Rover 5 with mecanum wheels

Hello everyone!

This is my current work in progress Android rover utilizing the Rover 5 base and the Vex mecanum wheels, which seem to be a popular choice around here!

I am keeping everything open source on this one, and you can find it here: https://github.com/Legomaniac/AndroidRover

I still have to implement the analog inputs for the voltage output by the controller board, and the encoders. I have yet to build the pan/tilt bracket yet either, but I will keep this post up to date with progress.

Tell me what you think!



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Haha, I did not "mount" the wheels as much as I just forced them onto the axels with a vice. It seems to be working, however will probably lead to issues if it ever needs to be repaired. I'm sure your method is much more robust.

I have noticed that it doesn't move slowly very well, no doubt something that will be fixed when I implement the encoders. But since this is all Android controlled, everything has to be written in the Android app with Java. The only PID loops I have used before I just instantiated from an existing class, so either I will have to track down an open source Java PID loop class, or learn more about them and attempt to make one on my own.

I also need to use some resistors to step down the voltage from the CUR pins on the driver board so the IOIO can read them 0V-3.3V. Then I will be able to tell if a motor is stalled and send that information back to the remote.

I am also interested in 3D printing a body for it, as with another project that I saw here on LMR. However I'm not too talented with CAD so hopefully one of my school buddies can help me out. I also hope to learn more about PCB layout and turn my jumble of wires into a IOIO shield for the Dagu driver board. I think it would be really awesome to have a shields for the IOIO just like there are millions of shields for the Arduino.

My chassis came damaged in the mail (one of the encoders was broken) but customer service at Sparkfun is so good that they shipped me a new one within a week at no charge. Glad to see there are other active posters here who are using the Rover 5! Keep the comments/question coming!