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Integrated Project at college!

i Want to direct a robot,s path using C language !

i have seen your basic robot which uses Sharp infrared system ! It will actually do my work but the problem lies here is that it is based on picaxe. now i wanna know taht if these codes for controlling the robot can be generated in Turbo C. or can these ic's and the servo motors with the programming cable will be able to work with C or do i need to just change everything in the line up accordingly ! m new here so ill be really glad if helped !


i know basic C programming ! also i know nothing about PICAXE !

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You don't tell us what microcontroller you want to program. I don't even positively understand what you are asking. I see Sharp, IR, and codes. To me Sharp IR sensors are for determining distance. I know the PICAXE chips have Sony IR receiver codes programmed into their firmware.

Until you can make your request more clear, I doubt anyone will be able to help you.

my program is to just direct a robot with c language may it be an RC car or a microcontroller car ! plz suggest me which microcontroller to use ?? i m new and also help me in coding for this ! ill not need the actual coding you can just tell me the logic and basic rest ill manage inm C

From what I gather now, you have to construct a mobile robot programmed in C.

What is the robot supposed to do? What kinds of sensors can be used? Does it have to be C, or, can it be C++ like arduino?