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Pi Robot

Let's you explore the corner of my living room
piRobot.py_.txt1.92 KB

This is a very simple robot based on a Raspberry Pi with a L293D motor controlles connected to two motors and wheels.

Running on the Pi I have a python script which checks the current message on livebots and moves the motors accordingly.


You can control it LIVE at:



Here are some photos:



Here's a scketch of the connections:

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double post :)

LOL @ Ghetto baby monitor ....cracking up!   That said, great job on the bot.  Just got a PI literally this morning :)

What a great job, really nice to see the Raspberry Pi being put into use  here.  I am quite fond of the PICAXE microcontrollers but am hoping to use the Raspberry Pi in some future project myself.  Great work, thanks for showing it to us.

You definitely cornered this one :P

(I suspect my el-cheapo webcam to be down at the post office *crossing fingers* so that it works with the pi :P -- then I'll just need the wifi dongle to arrive too :P) 


Congrats for Pi  \o/ 

But I absolutely suck at Python.  I'd almost trade all my parts for you guyses' smarts.  Right now my Pi, WiFi Dong, and Cam are nothing more than a ghetto baby monitor :(


on the pi just about any language that works on linux/arm will work so you arent just limited to python.

My code is attached, if you want have a look and I will try helping you understand it :-)

I've got the dyslexia when reading Python.

It is so blinkin' pretty. But alas, it's not what I bought the hardware for.  Planning a Python and Arduino collaboration via UART.

I actually had finished with a piece of Frankencode (completish with Tkinter and threads) on a Linux machine that did exactly what I wanted. Of course, when I moved it over the to the Pi the amount of errors overwhelmed me (even after the indentation errors).  I've shelfed it until I get a hardware project done.

I'm pretty sure my errors are due to version conflict.


it is a pretty loosey goosey language. Indentation is used to denote code blocks, and, beyond that it is a fairly BASIC like language. I followed through http://learnpythonthehardway.org/book/ until I just kinda got bored. One of our other members posted a link to a pdf he was working through. It was a good deal more involved than the site that I was using to pick up on Python. If I find the file, I will post it, or, you can ask mogul what he was using to learn Python.

Here is one for you non believers: