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Pi Robot

Let's you explore the corner of my living room
piRobot.py_.txt1.92 KB

This is a very simple robot based on a Raspberry Pi with a L293D motor controlles connected to two motors and wheels.

Running on the Pi I have a python script which checks the current message on livebots and moves the motors accordingly.


You can control it LIVE at:



Here are some photos:



Here's a scketch of the connections:

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You definitely cornered this one :P

(I suspect my el-cheapo webcam to be down at the post office *crossing fingers* so that it works with the pi :P -- then I'll just need the wifi dongle to arrive too :P) 


Congrats for Pi  \o/ 

What a great job, really nice to see the Raspberry Pi being put into use  here.  I am quite fond of the PICAXE microcontrollers but am hoping to use the Raspberry Pi in some future project myself.  Great work, thanks for showing it to us.

LOL @ Ghetto baby monitor ....cracking up!   That said, great job on the bot.  Just got a PI literally this morning :)

double post :)