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Motor Shield with current measurement

Hi all,

Today I want to introduce our new product - Motor Shield to you.

[img]Elecrow Motor Shiled[/img]

The Motor Shield is a platform for robotics and mechanical applications based on L298N. The biggest characteristic of this Motor Shield is it can measure the driver current via the two high power cement resistor(the two big white resistors in the picture).

It can be used to drive 2 DC motor or a 4-wire stepper. When controlling 2 DC motor, Only 4 control pins were needed, which makes this shield easier to control, and saves the control pins of controller. The Drive current can be up to 2A  output, also, the enlarged heat sink can help the chip work in good condition. with the current measurement, it can makes your control system more smart.

[img]Elecrow Motor Shield3[/img]Elecrow Motor Shield4

For more detail please visit:Elecrow Motor Shield.