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Coolest thing about my job!

When I got my job designing new products for DAGU everyone told me how lucky I was. As with any job, some parts are better than others. As I write this blog I am currently writting an instruction manual for a new version of the Playful Puppy robot kit using the Mini Driver robot controller. This is one of my least favorite parts of the job. I also had to help with the artwork for the box, another part I do not like so much :(

So now you must wonder, what is so cool that I would write this blog?????

I was able to put photos of my son, Shi Sen,  on the box and in the instruction manual!!  How cool is that! 


Ok, he's not going to become famous because of this and I still hate writing instruction manuals but I still get a kick out of seeing his photo on the box of a product I designed that will be sold around the world.

Considering my Uncle once told me when I was 19 that my electronic experiments were a waste of time and money it just goes to show what can happen if you don't give up. Thank you Frits for creating this wonderful site. It has changed my life!


OK, funs over, now back to writing the sections on how the code works and troubleshooting :(



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How cool is that!

I agree with you again :-) There are things which are not as desireable as others. But that's live, we need to adapt.

Great that you got Shi Sen printed on the box, I am sure he will be proud to seeing himself on a box which is sold around the world.

Well done OddBot!!!

I usually stay away from that word 'cause it's so overused.  But here it fits.  That is really cool.  Your job is really cool, too.  Think of all the people you have helped introduce to robotics.  You are definitely helping change the world in a good way.  Thanks and congratulations.

I do hope the products I design help people get into our fun and educational hobby.

I learn too. As much as I hate writing manuals I am trying to make them better. This new manual is more than 20 pages now so hopefully it will be easier for beginners to understand.

Hey, that's great! A wonderful 'proud papa' moment.

Thanks for sharing it with us.

Hehe -- your son sells it, too.

It's his sincerity with the product :)

Yes Shi Sen likes the puppy robot and he likes being in front of the camera.

Unfortunately he has not learned to be gentle and the puppy has suffered a broken servo or two as a result.

It's great that you have achieved so much from your hobby, and that converting the hobby to work has not lost the fun for you.

Go Oddbot :)

It's always helpful when your model is legitimately enthused about the product!

on your success in life. :)