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In need of a reputable Australian distributor

I am completely new to making robots and need to know of one or a few reputable Australian webshops, as it can be hard, risky and expensive to ship something literally all the way from the other side of the world. I am wanting to make the Start Here robot. Please let me know if you can. I also know a little about PICAXE programming, and know how to solder. I really want to get into robot building but am finding it a little hard, thank you.


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I know you are looking for an Australian distributor but I bought the 'start here' robot from solarbotics in Canada. They were quick and I had no problems with them. But that was the old version, not V2.

Just sayin'    :)

Thanks for your reply, I am going through Solarbotics, because the webshop located in India was no longer operational and Jaktek is currently being redeveloped... Puts me at ease then. :)


Can you list the disreputable distributors so I can remove them from my list?  :D   
The stores cannot afford to be disreputable because they would soon go out of business.

Have a look here:


http://www.oatleyelectronics.com/ This store always has some cool stuff.

Remeber, Google is your friend.

II have bought from Little Bird, they were great for me and I found them to have similar prices to the original source from America. Would definitely buy from them again.


Happy robot making

I tried to open the first store, but it said that the page could not be found.

The second one looked pretty good too though. Is this in Australia?



Sorry, messed up the first link, just Google it. Yes these stores are Australian otherwise I would not have told you about them.

Yep, right, okay, thanks.

Well I have bought from littlebird a number of times. They are usually prompt and efficient however the last time I bought something is the last time I buy something from them.

The parcel was late by a few days and I enquired and the ridiculous response I got was "well you were the one who chose unregistered mail" . It turned up late and that can be forgiven as it may well have been auspost at fault but that response  really put me off them.

I'd say that Maddy needs to take some lessons in diplomacy and customer care.

Ok, thanks for your reply, are you in Australia?

Yes, I am in Brisbane.