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Dagu Rover 5 2WD + 2Encoders + PCB + Arduino Mega + Pan & Tilt with IR

Hi All, As a complete novice at this I thought it would be a great idea to get a Dagu Rover 5 with the addons for the kids at school and start up a club to program it. How wrong I was! I am in need of some serious help guys... I've managed to plug everything in, the 2 motors and encoders on the underside of the PCB board and have chosen not to use the 6xAA battery pack (9V) in favour of a single 9V battery (fits better under the PCB with all the cables). Problem number 1 is this: I think I am plugging in the black and red cables into the PCB in the correct locations - on the top side of the PCB are 6 inserts for cables (GND, 3.3V, GND, VOC, GND, +UB) Am I right in thinking that the black goes to GND and the red goes to 3.3V? It makes the red 'LED2' come on so I'm presuming it is right, the only issue is that the power switch won't turn the LED off? Problem number is this: I cannot find any documentation anywhere online that shows me how to wire up the Arduinio Mega with the PCB with the Pan and Tilt with the IR sensor. If I can't do this I don't think the kiddies in school will be able to, although they probably could at some point in time. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated guys. Sidenote: Also have some Asuro robots just getting soldered together with snake eyes :)

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Still working on this. I sent an email but no reply.

Have you read this manual?

Can you tell me how to make it better?


One of these for the rover 5 would be awesome, also, any idea where I can purchase the exact breadboards for mounting on the top, all the one I have found do not have the holes....

I have written a tutorial for the Explorer PCB here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/36521

Ok, the reason I have taken so long, apart from the fact I work 12 hours a day, is I had to build another robot so I can test everything.You can see my son testing the new robot here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPcIeAMZErU

Although it can run with any Arduino that uses the SMD version of the processor and has 8 analog inputs I will only show wiring diagrams using an Arduino Megaso that I can show all capabilities. I am also upgrading my original code (written for a Nano) to use the encoders.

I will try and post a tutorial similar to the "Understanding Mr. General" tutorial later this week.

For now the easiest way to ensure you get the correct breadboards is to buy directly from Claudia. Alternately you could get a sheet of acrylic and mount it on the mounting post. From there you could then mount any breadboard you wanted.

Hi OddBot,

Just saw the video with your son on Youtube, I've had my lot wire the Rover up based on your diagram which they and I are very thankful for.

Would you be able to post the code that you used in the video so that they can see how each aspect works?


Thanks in advance.

I have attached sample code along with a brief explanation of the basics. The code is broken into seperate tabs and has descriptive comments throughout the code to help make it easier to understand.

Hi OddBot,

I have read that PDF before posting here, it is great in all honesty but I still need a complete idiots guide for plugging in the wires and the code to go along wit the Arduino Mega thanks

Neat kit. Can it only be purchased at the uk store? I didn't have any luck finding it elsewhere. thanks.

For some reason only UK and European stores are selling them.

Perhaps if you ask nicely Rocket Brand Studio's might be willing to slip one into their next order for you. Give Chris a nice big Yo!

Thanks for the offer, much appreciated. The Arduino seems to be working as expected, the blink program works fine, going to test it a little bit more tomorrow by doing the sciguy's youtube tutorial with some LEDs and a breadboard. I have a backup UNO just in case though. As I said earlier, I have the Rover 2WD + Encoders with the addon PCB + Arduino Mega + Pan & Tilt + IR Head Kit. If it is possible for anyone to do an illustration of where the wires all get plugged in and the sketches as a starting point as the kids (or myself for that matter) have never looked at C programming or this cut dow version in Arduino. They can have a bash at understanding it (and I can break it down into plain English for them) from that point. Thanks in advance.