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Pibotnix B

Using pi-blaster to get 8 PWM channels on the Raspberry Pi GPIO to control the two drive servos. mjpg-streamer for the video stream. Source code github link. You can control this robot via Livebots with this link.  There are RFID tags around the arena.  When the rover gets close enough to one it'll display points.  The video explains it better.

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Nice to see a Raspberry Pi in use. Good work.

Bots on pi are coming :D

How does that Energizer 8Ah USB pack is holding up in terms of runtime? Couldn't seem to find that exact device on the interwebs, can you provide more info on it?

It's a weird item... Here's the link to the current model XP8000A.  I did not pay the amount listed when I bought it from this same site about 3-4 years ago, almost half that amount back then.

nice but when i control it it is very damn sloww :(


The Raspberry Pi isn't the fastest streaming machine and the entire bot is run with battery power so the motors will become slow after use.

what O.S are you running on the raspi,

and how did you interface it to the internet?



I use Adafruit's modified Raspbian OS called Occidentalis on the Raspi.  Normal stock Raspbian will work with this rover also.  I connect the Raspi to the Internet with the Edimax EW-7811Un USB Wifi adapter - this is where Occidentalis helps because the driver is already loaded and ready to go (stock Raspbian may also have included the driver by now also, I'm not sure).