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Using the Wild Thumper controller to charge large (10 ah) NiMH battery

I've recently upgraded the battery on my Wild Thumper and I wanted to get advice and warnings on charging a larger pack.


The battery fits snugly into the thumper chasis base, and seems like about as much power as I can get without moving to LiPo.

I'd like to be confident in letting the battery sit charging unattended.


If the charging circuit is rated at 2 amps should I assume that a depleted battery will take 5 hours to charge?


Since the default code monitors the voltage repeatedly every second and cuts out if it hasn't changed in 5 minutes, can I assume that is appropriate for this large pack as well? Or should I increase that timeout?


The docs say "The battery monitoring circuit will report a value of approximately 65 for every volt measured across the 

battery." Can this be modified? Should I be worried if I'm seeing values like 570? ( ~ 8.8 v)


Thanks in advance!

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As always I appreciate your speedy responses!