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King of Nerds -and- God of Nerds

I am sorry if this is old news to you, but I only just now saw these fantastic images because I'm poking around over on our G+ pages. May I present you .. King, and God of Nerds: Andrew "Ignoblegnome" and Chris the Carpenter :D



That is awesomeness!

From this article:


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Unfortunately for Chris the company wasn't called Reminton :-)

Chris looks right at home :)

Why did we lose some 300 subscribers after I posted this on G+?

You must have stolen the title "King of the Nerds" and "God of the Nerds" from about 300 subscribers.

Personally I prefer to thought of as a demi god rather than an actual god. Just as much fun but less blame when your pet robot accidentally causes a small continent to sink beneath the waves (sorry about that Atlantis :)