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Custom low-cost solder paste stencils (Europe)

We are happy to announce our new service at DroneTech, solder paste stencils.

These stencils are made in PET material which makes them very cost effective for small batch production runs and prototyping.

Solder paste stencils allow to quick and accuratelly apply paste to the pcb's for surface mount devices soldering.

The use of stencils reduces the ammount of solder bridges and allows for the solder to be better distributed over the pad and so a better adesion to the component. 

These low cost stencils, althought not as durable as the steel ones, are durable enough for a small batch production and prototyping.

The material used in these stencils is able to be used with fine pitch components as the ones found in packages like QFN, LGA, etc. 

You can panelize as many boards as you want till you fit the selected size.

Material Specification:

0.1mm Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) film


0.2mm minimum aperture

File specifications:

- Gerber file (with only the paste layer)

- Filename should identify your project and the date sent. ex. project1_01012013.gbr

Note: For now we only ship to Europe, but fill free to contact us if you want our services outside europe.