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Need help: WT 6 wd w/ 6 DOF arm


So I decided for a school project that I was going to try and do a build with the Dagu Wild Thumper 6wd with a 6DOF Arm.


I've already purchased the majority of the required parts needed for the project.


Here's a list of the parts:

Dagu: 6 w.d. WT, 6 DOF arm, WT motor control, and high power switch(to be honest, the soldering job on the MC and HPS looked to have been done by a 5th grader with no soldering experiance! Had to redo them my self!)

2 Turnigy 7.2V 6K mA batteries, HK 6ch RC Tx & Rx, and charger

Arduino Mega 2560 and I also have an Uno and a internet shield.


Only things I plan on still getting is a camera and a router or wifi shield(still debating on that).


Now here is my dilemma.  Of all the research I've done for the past couple of months, I have yet to see any kind of codes available for controlling the arm with an arduino.  Here is a link of the arm I purchased: http://robosavvy.com/store/product_info.php/manufacturers_id/35/products_id/1595 

I know the WT motor controller has 6 servo spots it can connect the arm with, but the issue is the coding needed for it.  I got the idea for this project by seeing a picture of the Wild thumper w/ the arm on it(http://www.robotshop.com/dagu-wild-thumper-6wd-all-terrain-chassis-aluminum-34-1.html).  


If any one has any experiance with this project, please help this noob out!  please let me know if I'm missing anything else and what code I can use to make this project work.

The reason why I picked this project is because I see it as an investment for future employement by showing them what I've learned and capable of doing..  So any help would be much appreciated!  


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The code you need is in the arduino software itself. Look for "servo" then "sweep" under "examples". This will teach you the basic servo commands you will need to move your arm. 

Later, once you master these routines, you can add these commands to the Wild thumper controller code. 

thanks for a quick reply guys.  you are right chicken, i didn't mean to make it sould like im asking for every thing to be handed to me and making it easy on my self, but  more in the direction that chris put it.  Because I know i have to learn how to control the arm it self w the rc controller first prior to adding it to the WT controller code.  which is going to take me a little bit of time, but fortionatly, the project wont be due till the end of April/begining of May.

I'm keeping it basic for now to just have it controlled by the rc controller, but then have it done through my computer over wifi, then BT for tablet and phone control then finally ping sensors for autonomous run.  But first, is what I proposed to my teacher which is the RC contolled version.  After the project is done is continue to modify and improve from there. 

One easy way of "inserting" a v2 power source is to use a little proto board. If you had some blank protoboard, 4 holes deep and 6 holes wide, you could make up a little "power strip". 

You would solder downward-pointing femail headers to catch the signal pins of the WTC, then solder some male pins topside to go to your servos. This way the signal wire has been carried through, leaving the power and gnd rails isolated on your little piece of PCB. This whole assembly can then be just "plugged in" to your WTC, then your 6 servos to it.

It should be said that Oddbot is talking about "maximum power" and "best practice" (and your arm running full-tilt). For all your testing and the vast majority of lightweight tasks you ask the arm to do, the WTC power supply will probably do just fine.

I would keep this extra power supply in the back of your mind, but for now, I would really start just getting this thing to move.

**Servo Example** 

Thanks Chris, and the rest of yal!  Every one's advice has been very helpful.  Only thing I'm waiting for right now is my cables so I can connect the batteries and every thing else up so it has power and I can start testing, building, and tweeking the codes here on out.  Hopefully it arrives today if not on Monday.  Every bit of advice now is going to help me out when this project is due in two months.  lol, technicaly, I'm not suppose to start the project yet, but this allows me plenty of time to work out any bugs and improve appon anything that needs fixed, altered, added, or just replaced.  

I think I'm going to advertise this bot as a "Safety/Hazard Bot", add some gas, heat, object(sonar/ping), possitoning, and weather sensors to it.  But that will probably be after the project is due and just go with Hazard Bot and pitch it for bomb squads and animal control(snakes and other dangerous criters one doesn't want to put there hands near :D)