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arduino and fishing... ?

So I'm an avid fishermen more specificly, a catfishermen.  When ever I have the time, I can always be found on the river, creek, and lakes here in S.E. Pennsylvania.  Now that I'm starting this new hobby with arduinos, I'm trying to see what ideas can be created with mixing the two together.  

One idea I'm going to be testing out is to see if I can turn one of his fishfinders into a wireless fishfinder this way its easier to place the fishfinder in a more user friendly location w/o being limited as much.  I know there is low end wireless model fishfinder, but none of real quality.  

If any of yal have any other ideas or suggestions, let me know, lol, I need help getting my brain started.

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I tried to find it, but, he has an AWFUL habit of deleting lots of his stuff. His member page currently contains no useful info what so ever.