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New Playful Puppy kit from DAGU

The new Playful Puppy robot kit from DAGU will be available from April 2013! This new version of the robot is smaller and easier to wire up. Magnetic clutches have been included on the pan / tilt assembly. The manual now explains the code in detail to make it easier to understand and modify.

Since the introduction of Arduino IDE V1.0 and later it has been possible to upload the code directly via the ISP socket and eliminate the annoying wait introduced by the ATmega8 bootloader. The instruction manual now includes instructions on how to make an Arduino into an ISP programmer, how to upload the code using the ISP socket and how to burn the bootloader if required.

The code has been simplified and broken into logical blocks with each block in it's own tab. A flow chart is included to show how these blocks relate to each other. I hope this will make it easier for customers to experiment with the code and teach the puppy new tricks.

As the Mini Driver can be fitted with an optional Bluetooth module it is an ideal project for anyone wanting to control a robot from their mobile phone. Chris at Rocket Brand Studios has already done this to add voice control to his Tadpole robot chassis.

The kit should be available from all distributors who previously sold the original Playful Puppy.

PlayfulPuppy.zip7.65 KB