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Pibotnix A

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This bot originally had an Intel Atom netbook for the brains and Wifi connectivity. Replaced with a Raspberry Pi for a smaller footprint and efficient power consumption. A USB joystick connected to a PC with the client Python script can connect to the server Python script on the bot and control the direction (including strafe) with the joystick. A few HAL 9000 sound bites on the server are played automatically and some manually from the client script. Plan is to add sensors for a autonomous roving option as well as a webcam for video while driving. The most difficult part for me is the suspension system, created from scratch with no suspension knowledge at all. The 3 multidirectional wheels and motors put out so much power the electronics on the chassis bounced around. Not wanting to take the easy hot glue way out, I rigged up dollar store springs to the chassis and wheels. If you have other ideas that are low cost let me know in the comments.

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I love the conept, and it looks like it would be a fun bot in a big open area.


Very cool brah. nice work

do you geared those motors?

The wheels connect right to the motor shaft, no gears.

whats that board on the raspberry pi?

The Raspi is the board on the left next to the yellow speaker - it has no board on top of it, just a heatsink.  On the far right there is an Arduino retail board with an Adafruit motor shield on it.

I have been looking to do something similar and was happy to find your work. Thanks for sharing.

Very nice! I love the HAL voice.

I'm doing a Raspberry Pi + Python-based project, too.