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Line Follower, the line follower is done,I need some advice on how to increase the speed

Line Follower, the line follower is done,I need some advice on how to increase the speed of the buggy because it is very slow

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-Chris I did not correct crossed text because it was written in the tilte the text, but i correct it now.

here a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjP6xGLwB8Q

If I increase the number of gears, the buggy do some doggy movement going right and then left then losing track, What do you guys thing the problem is?

Forget for a moment the question itself and how you gave us no info to work from for a minute...

Did you think there might be some confusion in terms of the fact that all the text has been crossed-out? You wrote the post, posted it and saw the text ( with the stike-through) and said, "yup, nailed it! That looks great, no one will be confused, no reason to fix it."

I mean, was there no point at which you thought you should go back and fix it? Really? 

This is my circuit, the transistor circuit is a darlington transistor (in the diagram not changed).

The logic circuit is using only 1 AND, 1 OR and 1 NOT.

The motor maximum voltage is 6 votls. The allowed diameter is 10inch. Nothing else is restricted



If it's due to code I suggest looking up PID-regulation

To make it go faster, install a warp drive!

When you ask an accurate , precise question complete with photos, video, motor specifications, sensor specifications and your code then we will give you an accurate, precise answer complete with suggestions on improving your code and possibly some better motors and sensors.

Maybe some specs, photos, video(s) and maybe even some code could be really helpful.
This is the only way to get a helpful answer!
Give us something to work with!


What is this, exactly?