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walk, be cute

hi. this will be a walker, a photovore one. it will use a motor in the middle to change directions. it will have a beam head to seek the light.

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That particular bot in the picture you posted is by Chiu-Yuan Fang. It's his Walker Ver3.0



Might want to dig round his site a bit if you are building a microcore walker, his 3 motor & the 'miller' walker are quite capable for being so simple. I believe there are some videos for it. There are better beam walker circuits around though. I know of a nice phototropic 2 motor walker circuit that wilf posted years ago that is quite adept. Have you decided on a particular circuit yet?

its on building progress. waitin for my parts and tru, thats not my pic. its from google.

From the looks of it... I guess I'll have to play "Bad Cop"... hence quoting from http://letsmakerobots.com/lmr/rules


How to be a happy LMR-member:

  • Do not post as a robot if you have not built anything. An idea alone is not enough to start a project page. Make sure you have at least a picture of your work in progress. If you do not have anything but an idea, please post a blog entry about it for a start.



Now get to work so you can make this a valid post... :-)

lol. chek my prev. bot. im remaking it...

Great looking beam bot... Wait have I seen that picture before?
Probably an old picture from solarbotics, the gearmotor looked like it came from Mark Tilden's...I've saved up a lot of archived photos, vids, pdfs about beam, some old bots of MWT....and I think I have seen this one before.
Being awesome since 1989.... Wait..."this will"?! Means it's not created yet, aye?