Let's Make Robots!

IR eyed Robot

Navigate around avoiding obstacle via IR eye.

Hello every one

Today I show you my work, from the early beginnings until now (It won't be long).

(I'll try to be respectful of the english Grammar but i'am not sure to succeed).

I have to say that I've started from almost nothing, No skills in Programming, Electronics and Robotics at all.

I only have time to spend, parts and a friend named Google.

 So Let's go, Let's make Robots!!!

1/ The first one named U.P.J for  "ugly piece of junk"

It was supposed to go forward, bump something then make a left or right and go forward again.

It has also two photo-resistors and should have made turn when a light point on them but it has never worked well due to the bad geometry of the frame.


So I tried to enhance the frame (please stop laughing...) but it was another failure.

2/ Next step was to create a Meccano base frame.

The result was not very satisfactory. Too High, Too weighty, and the wheels...what can I say for defence? Nothing.

It has two servos that I transform to run continously.


I soldier on and reach this stage.

Big foot, Big bumper, and an Aduino Duemilanove as brain.

It was doing what the bug on top was supposed to. Forward, Bump, Backward, Turn, Forward, Bump....

It has an On/Off switch and LED lightning on turn. I'am now a bit ashamed of it but it was my real bot. My first success.

His name is SWEC for Slow, Weighty, Energy Consumming.

3/  Today

The frame has considerably shrink, the bumper and the big foot has disapeared, tiny wheels from a printer and an IR eye Instead.

It still slow but smarter. It detect and avoid obtacle autonomously.

Close-up on the IR eye I've stolen the plan from Oddbot (Eternal Gratefulness, I hope he won't be angry about that)

That's all.

I have now to thank you all  because I won't came through this project without you.

I found here, ideas, codes, and a community.

Thank you again.

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Well done, nice documentation and nice progress. That's the spirit of LMR, try and start simple and then make it more complex. I am sure you will come with a more sofisticated robot soon since your learning curve is quite steep :-)

I originally designed the eye to fit the pan/tilt kit which is why it is a rectangular shape. You might want to try a round shape. Some have reported better range but I suspect this has more to do with the type of IR LEDs and Phototransistors used as they have a lens molded into them.

Glad to see your board turned out so well.


You are making very good progress for someone starting from the beginning =)

I'm sure that with the way you're going you'll have a robot you're happy with soon!

the bread board looks better than pcb factory.

You have come a long way.  This is good work.  I like your determination to get things done and keep trying until it works.  I think the bot looks rather cool, too.