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Dagu Hexapod

I have reciently purchased the Dagu Hexapod and Spider controller from Sparkfun. When attaching the cables to/from the servos I have no idea as to which is #1 , #2 etc. I guess there is no front but the order should be important.

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I ordered 6 HTX900 servos and am taking the dead one to work. We have a lab with lots of big magnifiers
that MIGHT enable my old eyes to see!!! Or one of the lab techs might take pitty and open it for me.


I have 11 out of 12 servos moving. The 12th has a moving PWM input and does nothing when plugged into one of the working ports. Does anyone have a source for these servos, DG Servo 9g, or compatible?



Just about any 9g servo should fit. If you can't find the DAGU 9g servos online then try a Hextronic 900.

Before you go to the trouble of buying a servo, open the servo up and check the cable solder joints. I had one that was DOA and it turned out just to be a dry solder joint on the 3 core cable.

All my sample codes include a wiring map.

At the start of the code you will see where all the servos are attached to a digital I/O pin.

  sv[0].attach(29,800,2200);                               // knee 1 
  sv[1].attach(46,800,2200);                               // Hip  1
  sv[2].attach(47,800,2200);                               // knee 2
  sv[3].attach(48,800,2200);                               // Hip  2
  sv[4].attach(49,800,2200);                               // knee 3
  sv[5].attach(50,800,2200);                               // Hip  3
  sv[6].attach(51,800,2200);                               // knee 4
  sv[7].attach(24,800,2200);                               // Hip  4
  sv[8].attach(25,800,2200);                               // knee 5
  sv[9].attach(26,800,2200);                               // Hip  5
  sv[10].attach(27,800,2200);                              // knee 6
  sv[11].attach(28,800,2200);                              // Hip  6

So in the case of the last line, Hip 6 is connected to pin 28. As the base is completely round, the legs are connected, 1-6 in a clockwise fasion. There is a hole in the base for a 9g servo used in out pan/tilt kit. If you use this for your head then leg 1 will be imediately clockwise of the head.





Thanks to all that replied.


The servos should be connected to the pins mentioned in your code. Or, you must note where you plugged things in and change the code to match.

The good news is most programmers will use terms that make sense. The pins might be called, "right_hip" or "L_Knee" etc. The bottom line, is that what is within your code has to match real life.

I just had a look at the sample code.

There are comments indicating if a servo is a hip or a knee but I don't see any indication of which number of leg goes to which physical leg on the robot.

It looks like the code was written by OddBot. It looks like the odd legs move together and even legs move together.

My guess is front left is leg #1, middle left #2, rear left #3. Front right #4, middle right #5 and rear right #6.

I think if you wire them up like that, it will either work or walk backwards.

Maybe OddBot will clarify.

Edit: I guessed wrong. See OddBot's post about clockwise numbering.