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Best bluetooth module

So as the title implies what is the best (in terms of price and range) bluetooth module out there.

Will be for Arduino.

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Thank you for the help

I decided to use xbees since I can use it to program wirelessly for home.

And I cann use it for anything long range to

I see one for $6.99 shipped.

This one looks like it's easier to hook up but it costs $2 more.

I've been meaning to try Bluetooth and I think I'll try one of each unless someone has another suggestion.

Its the BlueSmirf.

BlueSmirf is the best. 

Silver is great, Gold is better. Never needed the rubber antenna myself.

Actually I thought papa smirf was best. But tell me this, what do the blue smirfs do that a HC05 can't at a fraction of the price?

Do you really care if the device uses Bluetooth or do you just want to be able to program your bot wirelessly?

I know there are a bunch of different cheap Bluetooth modules sold on ebay, and I've read about people using these to program robots and to communicate with their robot but I don't have Bluetooth on my main PC so I haven't tried it myself.

Here's a tutorial for using these cheap modules with the Propeller. I bet it's pretty much the same with an Arduino.

I have used Wixels to wireless program my robots. I usually use the Parallax Propeller as a bot controller and the Wixels work with the Prop. I think the program I use for the Prop was developed fot the Arduino.

Whoops sorry 

ill change the name i am just a kid .

Actually the title implies that your going to tell us what is the best bluetooth module.
You might want to re-think your avatar name / handle.

I think one of the least expensive RF options are the little Nordic nRF24L01+ modules.

Here are 10 for $11.50.

Besides the price advantage, the Nordics have good transmission rates (up to 2Mbps). I'm not sure if the XBees can match this or not.

The Nordic are not nearly as easy to use as the XBees and the Nordics require more I/O pins.

If I have I/O pins I can spare, I usually go with the Nordic modules. They're just so darn inexpensive you can put one in every gizmo you make.

Nrf24s aren't Blue tooth. (Wait-am I wrong about that too? Are they? I f$@king hate telemetry.)

No, not Bluetooth. But someone mentioned XBees which I take as my que to tell the world about the little Nordic nRF24L01+ modules.

I like XBees but a pair of them sure increases a bot's cost. At $2.15 a pair, the little Noridic devices are a cheap way of adding wireless.

I like telemetry.