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Second robot ever built using the following:

- Erector set for chassis.

- Arduino Uno

- Arduino Motor Shield r3

- HC-SR04 Distance Sensor

- Tamiya Twin Motor gearbox

- Radio Shack 9V connector (270-0324) & Plug (274-1569) to power the Uno

- Radio Shack 4-AA battery compartment (270-0391)


I wanted to build a second robot after building the Popular Mechanics Build Your First Robot. I used the Clusterbot as influence since I had an Erector set to use and more parts from the first build. This took longer than I wanted due to poor soldering, weak connectors on the FA-130 motors, and design decisions since it was a scratch build for the most part. I am calling this completed, though, I need to do minor tweaking to the code base.


Both robots:


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Hey Cactusface.

Thanks for the comment.  Yes, turning is/was a minor problem.  I don't mind it for now, but maybe in a future build change the design to allow the wheels to move in the noted direction.

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Hi ,

     I too have build a bot using Tamiya kits (I'm also a big Tamiya Model builder) but found them a bit useless, the motors are now very noisy, the track set, the sprocket wheels broke.  I have just put my latest bot on this site, take a look.

You bot looks good for a second build, is turning a problem as the front wheels seem to be fixed?  I use a picaxe, I like the Arduino but a bit too old to start leaning C+, etc. I did Z80 assembly and Pascal years ago. Why not take a look at my robot hear http://letsmakerobots.com/node/36892 or on my site at http://melsaunders.x10.bz