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RoverBee Two

Autonomously roaming, avoiding obsticles
RoverBeeTwo_leftside.jpg2.03 MB

Third robot build, almost identical to RoverBee One.

Using the following:

- Arduino Uno

- Arduino Motor Shield r3

- HC-SR04 Distance Sensor

- Tamiya Universal Plate

- Tamiya Twin Motor gearbox

- Radio Shack 9V connector (270-0324) & Plug (274-1569) to power the Uno (not shown)

- 4-AA battery compartment (2x2 smaller holder)


I had enough parts to do a second rover, so I thought, why not.  This one uses the same code base as the first rover, since the parts are identical.


Both robots:


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Cool Robot you have. Always nice to have enough parts to build two robots. I,m not that far (yet) ;-) I discovered that you used an Arduino UNO in combination with the Arduino motor shield. Perhaps you can help me out, because I have the same combination attached, but with only 6V going into to the motor shield, the robot barely goes anywhere. I think the problem might be a lack of power. Now according to the Arduino website, you need to cut out the "Vin Connect" jumper if you want to use separate power sources a 9V battery case for the UNO and a 6V battery case for the motor shield is what I had in mind in case it turns out that 9V to the UNO alone isn't enough improvement. So before cutting off any pins, that I might want to use in the future, I like to know if that's necessary.