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So i did everything as on this guide


But it's not working, I think the code is wrong? Can you help me ^^

I use picaxe 28x1

Thank you <3

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this was lifted from the manual 2.


irin [1000,main],C.0,b0 ;wait for new signal

if b0 = 1 then swon1 ;switch on 1

if b0 = 4 then swoff1 ;switch off 1

goto main

swon1: high B.1

goto main

swoff1: low B.1

goto main


I found in the past those energy saving bulbs in my desk lamp washout the IR signal. cant help much without seeing yr test code. you sayin its on a breadboard have you got the 4K7 resistor on pin off the sensor.



That's the problem - The PicAxe will only accept the Sony control code set.  The EUR1971 is a Panasonic remote.

The Pi and Arduino can be programmed to accept other codes but the built-in IR function of the Picaxe is limited.  You could possibly set a 'universal' remote to Sony compatibility or it's easy enough to knock up your own, Picaxe based transmitter - 2nd project HERE.

Thank you <3 I will just buy a Sony remote then :D. Really thank you, I love you <3

Post a Picture of your board, top and bottom.

Well I'm actually using a breadboard, and i can assure you everything is ok. Can it be because I don't use the same remote control? I have EUR51971 (And it works on arduino and Raspberry Pi)