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I'm assuming you clicked on this forum topic because you're interested in either robotics news or you're just bored. Anyways, I run a webstie called SimpleBotics. Everyday, I write about robotics news and robots that have recently been developed by hobbyists, univerisities, or corporations. Any other occassion includes a new tutorial or just random robotics info. However. my site is mainly targteted towards robotics news. Thanks for reading, and my site is at http://www.simplebotics.blogspot.com .

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I didn't see a single link back here to LMR, even though at least one of the robots there had been posted here.  Most of the posts were written by one person, who I assume is you, so I would think you would give some reciprocity.  Just my two cents worth.

My site has robot tutorials and even has a post dedicated to LMR.

I don't really like the "Click Like" window. I'd rather have a chance to look at a site before evaluating it.

I am sorry about that. I recieved relative complaints regarding that too. Thus, I have removed the "click like" window.

I'll have to check in regularly there, looks like a lot of good stuff. Thanks.