Let's Make Robots!

The forever alone toasting robot

Toasting a beer with you

When you're forever alone, this robot helps you through the lonely Saturdaynight by toasting a beer with you!

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Pineapple, orange, unknown, ;_; BEER ;_;

Usually I think "beer-robots" are kinda daft.. but this one .. I love it, cool thinking!! :D Love it, nice, original.. Cheers :D

I could have used one of these guys in my workshop.  Put it in the category of projects that improve our ability to complete other projects.  Build yourself a precision part cutter, a 3D printer, some test equipment, and a beer toaster. 

This needs to really be integrated with the robot I saw on here a couple months ago that navigates to the beer mini-fridge and retrieves new beers for you.