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servo mounting


I'm starting to desiign my first hexapod and I've been searching this forum end the web for leg designs.

The question I have concerns the servo mounting. The legs will be constructed out of 2mm aluminium plate and I want a support bearing on the back side of the servo to reduce the force on the servo axe.

How is this best done?  I can't find any details of this or the parts that could be used.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Unscrew bottom of servo, remove bottom plate
  • Drill hole to line up with shaft on other side
  • Stick small bolt through
  • Tighten with nut
  • Reinstal base plate to servo

Thanks for the suggestions.  I was considering the idea of the bolt on the back of the servo but wasn't sure if one could remove the bottom plate as I haven't got the servos yet.

The only issue is the thread of the bolt wearing on the aluminium of the leg. I was thinking of putting a metal hub or bearing block but that adds exra weight.