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MP3 shield for Arduino NANO

I got this MP3 shield recently and tried it for 2 days. Things are a little bit funny and strange. When I upload the sample program follow by few instructions, most of time they are not working. But if I keep clicking RESET button on NANO once in few seconds it works after 3~5 clicks.

The error message shows either SDI connections, bad SD cards or some other small things. I have attached video as well and hope if anyone knows anything about this shield or any solutions? Thanks in advance for help!

The sample code and tutorials I tried:



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Have you contacted the manufacturer? Can they explain the problem?

I got it from Robotshop.

The problem is un-identify problem. After I upload the sample sketch and open the Serial Monitor. It shows the msg that I might have unformatted SD card or SPI is not correct etc. Then I press the RESET button on Arduino NANO, it shows same msg again, then I press RESET again without doing anything, it works...Sometimes I have to try 4th or 5th attempts to get it working. That's why its hard for me to identify the problem.