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When i was a kid i was always saying "when i'll be grown-up i will be Darth Vader or a robot builder".Abandoned the Darth vader-to-be ambition due obvious reasons i was always interested in insects and electronics.Robot builder since 2008,i always played with electronics. With my first computer at sixteen,i almost instantly migrated to Linux cause of innate "talent" in informatics: After just three days of usage, i damaged the brand new pc's system and it needed formatting, so i found a debian live cd and a friend installed it.Not satisfied,i bought a solderer iron and i started to damage hardware also...Finally i discovered the arcane art called "study" and i started to learn something: that day was the beginning of brain/me data BUS.Learned to code PIC micros and some electronics then i started to build and code functioning robots. All of my robots was built up from junkyard things, cause of "money issues".In late 2011 i started a huge robot never-ending project that i will carry forward for years.