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wanders around and tries not to hit stuff

This little bot is straight from Thingiverse, obijaun is its creater, type in robot its the first one that comes up, http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:7989 .  As some of you know I finaly got my Rostock 3d printer up and running, and I was looking for something to practice printing on so it seemed a good fit. outside of 3 Orings and a few nuts and bolts you print the whole thing, even the castor wheel and battery box. First mistake I made was not catching that the sonar was not HC-SR04, it was instead 2 SRF02, so I did need to file out the eye holes a bit, and my printing skills are very sketchy at best, so I had to clean up some of the parts. Many of the parts had to be printed twice to get something that looked good

 My other reason for picking this bot was so I would not be able to use our Fearless Leader** Frit's** Start Here Excellent Robot Code as a crutch, [this code is so fun and easy to use] and would need to do its programing myself, this was a bit of a stretch for me due to the fact I cannot program a vcr much less a robot. So I checked out the "Wizard of Odd", also known as OddBot's code for this bot,  http://letsmakerobots.com/node/4120 which I think is the most ever gotten out of the 08m2 chip, and one of the all time best bots around, it does so much with so little. I also checked out some code that the Master of Machines CtC had posted in one of the help forums can't find it now but it was there honest. Well after spending about 3 sessions of about 3 hours each trying to code this, and getting some funny behavior I posted my code in the picaxe forum here at Lets Make Robots, about 10 mins later the most Excellent Mr AndyGadget came along with some observations,ideas and spot on suggestions and then within about 60 minutes the Venerable Maxhirez had written the answer, and implamented it on his DangerMaus robot http://letsmakerobots.com/node/36593 .

Next step was make a little 7805 vreg, and solder up the little picaxe-08 proto board up. I love this little board lots, just enough room to get the goodness out of this chip and small enough to fit almost anywere. I still have 2 more pins to play with and can switch stuff around so they could be inputs or outputs, so more to come soon including video


Got to love realy smart and sharing people.



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... or is that better? Ha!

With a bot completed AND a working 3D printer you've got all kinds of options in front of you Ossipee.

Great job - I'm sure you're hooked now, looking forward to more of Sky since Mini-Skybot is not the limit. :-)



Great job man, I'm excited to see what you come up with next!

You have done a fine job with your printer as well as with the robot, code and all. :)

You really make the 3d printer seem like a more and more attractive idea. He looks great-not just the print, but the solder work is right up there with the level of craftsmanship I like to kid Kariloy and BlueBeta about being anal retentive for! Thank you for prompting me down the PicAxe road. Everything I learn makes the world a little cooler!

Nice :) Very cool to be able to print a robot on your self built 3d printer.

Looking good; I'm glad you got it all together in the end (and thanks for the mention #;¬)  Now all we need is the video!

I'm really tempted to get a 3D printer but they're a lot pricier in the UK than they are in the States and I don't really have the time to put one together myself.  Must be great to be able to create parts as you need them.