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Sourcing servos and controller from same power supply

I'm using dagu spider controller with servo shield & servos consuming about 3,5A in total. If I supply both controller & shield from same source, whole system don't work - servos just jerk, but don't move. Power supply can source 20A max. But if I connect controller to separate power supply, everything works as expected. I thought that it's just a question of max current that power supply can provide. Isn't it correct?

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Not sure if it will help, but it doesn't hurt to make sure the grounds of both boards are connected to each other.

Thanks everyone. 

My PSU is NES-100-5

Here is a wiring I used for power (green is +)


I haven't found any info about second blue connector on servo shield marked "5V_out". It has about 0V on it if i connect only the shield to the PSU.