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Another use for a Rocket Brand Studios "FetaDuino"

Measures my lathe speed and counts turns for winding coils

I want to wind a coil with a 1000 turns. FetaDuino to the rescue!

Winding coils with a lot of turns can be a nightmare if your doing it by hand and trying to count the turns in your head. A power tool such as a drill (or in my case, a lathe) can be a big help to speed things up but then you still need some way to count the turns!

Introducing Rocket Brand Studios FetaDuino!

Ok, I could just use a normal Arduino and wire up an LCD display but the FetaDuino which has been sitting in my desk draw for some time now offered the perfect solution and saved a lot of stuffing around with jumper wires and such. All I had to do was plug in a battery pack and a hall effect sensor.

The hall effect sensor from DAGU is already wired to plug directly into a servo compatible 3 pin male header which is exactly how the FetaDuino pins are terminated. Bonza!

To finish it all off, I just stuck a magnet on the lathe chuck and made a temporary mount for the FetaDuino using some scrap cardboard and double sided tape.

I like the result so much that later, when i get time, I plan to permanently mount the FetaDuino in the lathe control housing and use it to control the lathe speed as the current analog speed control circuit gets flustered whenever the power fluctuates.


If you want to see a really CHEESY video of the FetaDuino then check out the second video where Chris tells you more uses.


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Man, I love the FetaDuino... 

You got it, Oddbot, this is exactly what the Feta was designed for. Handy huh?

I just wanted to mention that the Feta is currently on hiatus while I focus on the Tadpoles. I hope to get them back in to production at some point, as well as a smaller, simpler version as well.  --Nice lathe though, I got the same one, the Grizzly version.