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Picaxe 08m2 Hotness / Solved - Chip was dead.

I want to make a ring of light for my robot but when i try to program or just give power to the picaxe 08m2 chip it get's hot, really really hot.

- I just got the picaxe 08 proto board http://www.picaxe.com/Hardware/Project-Boards/PICAXE-08-Proto-Board/

- and the picaxe 08m2 chip http://www.picaxe.com/Hardware/PICAXE-Chips/PICAXE-08M2-microcontroller/

I doesn't matter if i put the programming jumper on programming or out.

I thought maybe a small heatsink would work, but i think it get's to hot for a small heatsink.

Does someone know what the problem could be? Or know a solution?



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Firstly, make absolutely sure you do not have an output shorted to one of the power rails - Check with a multimeter.

How are you driving the LEDs?  Each output can sink or source an absolute maximum of 25mA safely, with a total chip current of 85mA.  If you are running several LEDs you will most likely be exceeding that.  You'll need to drive them through a transistor,

Heatsinking would cool it down but don't expect a long lifetime from the chip.

Take a multimeter and set it on the Amps scale.  With the chip out, connect the + battery to the + terminal of the board.  Connect the plus cable from the multimeter to the - of the board and the minus cable back to the minus of the battery.  This should tell you if you have a short on the board.  Other than that, my guess would be the same as AndyGadget that the chip is in backwards.   Good luck.