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JARR - Just Another Roving Robot

Just a Rover / line follower. A platform for idea testing and experimenting

Just what it says - a rover / line follower used for experimentation and learning. I'll post the code somewhere if anyone is interested, but don't expect anything spectacular or elegant.  Especially the line follower code. Other than the boiler-plate stuff I'm writing it from scratch.  The servos for the wheels are driven by an amtel chip with arduino bootloader.  It is basically an arduino with no serial / USB circuitry.  The main Arduino sends a 3 bit code to tell the motion board how to drive the platform.  Makes doing most of the main code easier, with the exception of the line following code.  This is an on going project.

Here is the first itteration of JARR.  (Mk 1, if you will...)



I'll upload a current picture later.

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I have also a such robot for studying. He is built up with modules which let approach versatily.

Wants still much delight with this robot.

Best greetings


Yes, I enjoy working with it.  My biggest issue is finding the time to play.  And deciding what the next project should be.