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SNES controller + RF module's + Arduino's = A pretty cool remote

Reprogrammable remote for use with all my Arduino bots

Using a pair of APC220’s from Core Electronics, an Arduino Uno and Nano and a SNES controller I made this nifty retro looking reprogrammable controller for all my Arduino bots. In essence this is just another Arduino remote project, where I use one Arduino to act as a controller for another.

This project was nothing more than a 'rebound' from another project, but I think it turned out pretty cool. The aforementioned project is still being worked on, but it proved a lot more complicated than first thought.

Basically the Arduino Nano is running code that listens to see if a buttons is pressed on the SNES controller by using the SNES controller library. If a button is pressed it sends out the relative information through the RF module to the other RF module connected to the Arduino Uno.

I’m planning on implementing these RF modules into L33T eventually to get a better wireless range.

I would like to make this project permanent by mounting all the stuff on the back of the controller eventually so that I can easily take it anywhere, but that’s for another day.

It is early here and all that needs to be said is in the video, so if you would like more info, check it out.

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Mr. Parmi--I've been told not to over use the word "awesome," so I'll just say, "damned nifty"?

Also, I'm sorry to hear about your loss.  I hope you're well, sir.

The word awesome can never be overused! Thanks :)

I'm alright ladvien thanks for asking. I was just given all his half finished models he was making, time to finish them for him, with a bit of a robot twist ofcourse. One thing I will always remember is a week before he died he made the remark aimed at l33t saying "When will it clean my floors for me?" :)