Let's Make Robots!

My first robot, follower car —— SVBR-1

This car is my first robot, using Mega16, L293D, HC-SR04, breathing led with PWM. just easy function, to folllow object, cannot turn left or right, just go straightly in line. My next one is remote control car,

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Thanks for OddBot's comment, how do your know about YouKu? Yes, English is not my native language. (^_^)

Several years ago, I bought a remote control car cheaply.after played with it a few times, though the key on the controller was being pressed, the car just could not move, so I put it into the cabinet.

Recently, I'm interested in builting robots, found it back again, because body is made of plastic, getting crisp and split.I started to think about which of it's part can be salvaged and reused.  Oh, yeah, gearbox with 2 wheels can be installed into another new car. now, car with this gearbox and a universal wheel was born !!

It's equipped with mega16, L293D, HC-SR04(supersonic wave board), and PWM blue led, just avoiding and following.

right now, sorry, without video.

The poor wolf in the front is to protect the Dupont line of HC-SR04.